Yule 1998 Order of Service

Welcome to Our Celebration!

Before we begin...

Enjoy the antics of the Fool and other entertainments, greet each other, and check out the Raffle items before the Briefing. Words to the songs we will be singing are on the back of this sheet.

Preparing ourselves for our time with the Gods and Spirits

Processional and Purification (Winter Night) (processional with Wren boys to ritual site)
Bardic Invocation for our eloquence and inspiration
Welcoming the Allies, the spirits of the people and their gods who lived in this land before us
Honoring our Mother Ana (Ana, Come Be With Us)
Meditation, grounding and centering
Unity Chant (Single Threads)
Statement of Purpose - Yule is a time of joy as we celebrate the rebirth of the sun-god, Bel.

Declaring Center and Opening the Portals

Tree, Fire, and Well
The opening of the Ways
Acknowledging the Outsiders - the forces of chaos and change
Invocation of Manannan mac Lir, our Lord of the Dead, to guide and protect us in the Otherworld

Acknowledging and Honoring our guests

Ancestors - our beloved dead
Nature Spirits - the spirits of the land and its creatures
Deities: Lugh, Bríd, Aren, and Danu (feel free to offer a silent welcome to your own gods)
Archetypes - Acknowledging the three societal functions within us
Deity of the Occasion: Bel, the Sun god

Giving and Receiving

Passing the Candle - Direct your praise and energy to the candle to build a group offering. While oyu hold it, you may give praise or thanks to the gods silently or in the form of a vocal or physical offering. When you finish, pass the candle to the person next to you.
Group Praise - Light is Returning, burial of the Wren to signify the death of Winter, Fire in Our Hearts/Kindle the Flame
Omen of Return - fire scrying
Return blessing - Wassail Song, tie ribbons on Yule tree
Cauldron blessing
Welcoming new members, officers, and guild members, and bestowing other honors

Unwinding and Closing

Recessional (You Are My Sunshine)

And afterwards... Join us for a potluck and socializing, and don't forget to get your Raffle Tickets!

Yule Songs 1998


Winter Night

Winter night
Gone the light
Sad and lone we sigh
Come the morn
Sun reborn
Our spirits too will rise

Ana Honoring:

Ana, Come Be With Us

Ana, come be with us,
May your blessings ever flow,
Ana, still and quiet,
Take our love beneath the snow.

Blessed Mother, ancient and renewing,
Blessed Mother, take our love below.


Single Threads

Single threads entwined in weaving
Are our hearts and minds and souls
As the branches weave the forest
So our joining makes us whole.

Group Praise:

Light is Returning

Light is returning
Even though this is the darkest hour
No one can hold back the dawn

Let's keep it burning
Let's keep the light of hope alive
Make safe our journey through the storm

One planet is turning
Circles on her path around the Sun
Earth mother is calling her children home.

Group Praise:

Fire in Our Hearts/Kindle the Flame

Fire in our hearts is burning, burning. (4 times)

Kindle the flame, I feel the sun returning,
Kindle the flame, the spark of love is yearning,
Kindle the flame, the fire of life is burning,
Kindle the flame.

Return Blessing:

The Wassail Song

Here we come a-wassailing
Among the leaves so green,
Here we come a-wand'ring
So fair to be seen.

Love and joy come to you,
And to you your wassail too,
And may all our Gods bless you throughout the new year,
May the gods bless you through the year.


You Are My Sunshine

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are gray.
You'll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away.

Note to Parents: Children are welcome to stay and attend the ritual with you, but only if they are supervised. If they decide to leave and go back to Child Care, they may not return to the rite.