Yule 1997 Order of Service

Welcome to Our Celebration!

Before we begin...

Enjoy the antics of the Fool and other entertainments, greet each other, and check out the Raffle items before the Briefing. Words to the songs we will be singing are shown below.

Preparing ourselves for our time with the Gods and Spirits

Declaring Center and opening the Portals

Acknowledging and honoring our guests

Giving and receiving

Unwinding and closing

And afterwards... Join us for a potluck and socializing, and don't forget to get your Raffle Tickets!


The Wassail Song

Here we come a-wassailing
Among the leaves so green,
Here we come a-wand'ring
So fair to be seen.

Love and joy come to you,
And to you your wassail too,
And may all our Gods bless you throughout the new year,
May the Gods bless you through the year.

Ana, Come Be With Us*

Ana, come be with us,
May your blessings ever flow,
Ana, still and quiet,
Take our love beneath the snow.

Blessed Mother, Ancient and renewing,
Blessed Mother, take our love below.

We Are a Circle Moving**

We are a circle moving
One with another, we are
Moving together, we are one. (2x)

I am spirit and I flow in you.
You are spirit and you flow in me.

The Portal Song***

By Fire and by Water
Between the Earth and Sky
We stand like the Worldtree
Rooted deep, crowned high.

Come we now to the well

We will kindle a fire

Gather we at the tree

Wake Little Sun****

Wake, little sun, come out and shine,
We're gonna have a really good time.
Wake, little sun, come out and play,
Make today a sunny day.
Wake, little sun, stay longer in the sky;
We know you can do it if you try!
Wake, little sun so bright and new,
Shine for us; we'll sing for you.

Fire in Our Hearts/Kindle the Flame**

Fire in our hearts is burning, burning.
(4 times)

Kindle the flame, I feel the sun returning,
Kindle the flame, The spark of love is yearning,
Kindle the flame, The fire of life is burning,
Kindle the flame.

From the Fire of Stars

From the fire of stars,
Burn until who we are comes dancing.
From the flame of life,
Burn until who we are comes dancing.

Now the Rite Is at an End*****

And now the rite is at an end, again we're parting ways
May truth and honor be your friend and lucky be your days
I'll hold you dearly in my heart, I'll hold you in my mind,
And though our branches grow apart, our roots shall be entwined.

*by the Shining Lakes Grove Bardic Guild
**©1996 Marae Price
***by Ian Corrigan
****Lyrics by Mama Moon; tune "Hush Little Baby" (trad.)
*****©1996 Paul Kershaw and Marae Price

Note to Parents: Children are welcome to stay and attend the ritual with you, but only if they are supervised. If they decide to leave and go back to Child Care they may not return to the rite.