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Summer Solstice 2002 - Vol. 9, No. 6

Tales from the Land of Cows

Well, what can I say about Wellspring? [There were lots of cows in the area. Many, many cows. –Ed.] Gen and I got there on Friday evening, so we didn't get to attend any of the workshops offered. We did get there in time for the big "full ordination" ceremony, which started just before sunset. Isaac Bonewits, Skip Ellison, Ian Corrigan, Earrach, Bryan Perrin, and Rob Barton were given full clergy credentials for their past work with ADF. I was asked to do the Outdwellers (Outsiders to us SLuGs) offering a whopping ten minutes before we got started—good thing I'm used to working without a script!


The rite went very well; the new priests invoked their personal deities and made offerings before those assembled, while Sue Parker and Shawn Miller handled the rest of the liturgy. After congratulating our new clergyfolk, Gen and I went back to the hotel. No partying for us—the drive was long and hard enough that we just wanted sleep. (After I found out how the Red Wings did, of course.)

Saturday morning was the ADF National Meeting, about as thrilling as the Grove's annual meeting in August, but with a lot more people there. Other than officer reports (including my report as Great Lakes Regional Director—and if you're an ADF member and haven't signed up for the ADF-GreatLakes list at Yahoo Groups, go do it now!) the only new business was Ian's proposal to change the Dedicant Program a bit, adding a section on nature awareness and not requiring our Dedicants to find a patron if they're not ready. If you've started the DP already, don't panic—you can still finish up using the old requirements for at least a year after we formalize the new ones, which hasn't even happened yet.

Oh, and I almost forgot the election results. Wellspring will again be the National Meeting next year (but the vote was much closer this year, so we may yet have it at our Lughnasadh). Francesca was elected Northeastern Regional Director, Hekatatia is still the Members' Advocate, and I'm afraid I can't remember who else one. I do remember that everyone else was running unopposed, so if you have your ballot info handy, you should be able to figure it out.

In the afternoon, our new Dedicant Priests were initiated in their own right—er, rite. Unlike our full clergy, Dedicant Priests have to maintain active participation in the ADF Study Program to keep their status. (This is what my own status is.) Our new Dedicant Priests include Chris Sherbak, Paradox, Barbara Wright, Matt Ducar, Gwynne Green, Epona, Bardd Daffyd, Shawn Miller, Duir, and Athanasios. The Dedicant Priests led the ritual together, giving it a slightly more informal feel than the previous night's rite. (Along with one near-screwup—they almost forgot to bless the Waters of Life [return flow] before passing it out to everyone! Oops!)

After dinner, there was a concert by many of our ADF bardic types, including Ian and Sue, Amergin, and Rob and Gwynne. That lasted until after midnight. There was mead passed around as well, but I don't drink, so I can't comment on the quality. Gen might give her opinions on it. [It was very good. –Ed.]

Sunday morning was a Mother Grove meeting. We voted on appointments for various ADF office positions and formally moved the office to Arizona, where the folks at Sonoran Sunrise Protogrove (soon to be Grove) will be handling it for the next few years.

And then I went back to the hotel to get Gen (she didn't want to get up at 9 am for a Mother Grove meeting; I can't imagine why) and we spent a few days getting home [And seeing many more cows. –Ed.], spending the night in Erie and visiting their gorgeous state park on Presque Isle, and playing lots of miniature golf along the way.

The one downer about the whole thing was that our Grove was represented by only Gen and me! I hope we can get a larger group to attend next year. Meeting other ADF members face-to-face is a great experience, and helps remind us how big and diverse our organization really is. (Think of it this way—it's like our Lughnasadh festival, but without the hard work!)

Yours in service to the Kindreds and the Grove,
Rev. Rob Henderson, Senior Druid

Summer is Here!

At different times in my life, joy has had—and I'm sure will continue to have—different meanings. When I was in the Spring of life, joy was seeing my newborn baby for the first time. As I inspected each little finger and toe, the soft wisps of hair, and the velvety softness of his skin I was intoxicated by the pure and exquisite perfection of this tiny human being that I held. As with nature's Spring, the Spring of my life had extremes of weather. Rain and tears, winds and turmoil, and, of course, sun and joy all working to help me grow. I put down firm roots and stretched upward with a strong stem.

[sunflower blossom]

Now I'm entering the Summer of my life. My children have become adults and all but my daughter have moved on to their own independence. Joy is taking on a new definition. Now joy is walking along the margin where sandy beach and lapping waves vie for my attention. Joy is feeling the sun bathing my face, the warm breeze caressing my body, the cool water lapping the top of my feet and the soft sand cradling my soles (hey, are you getting vacation ideas?). Even though many people look at middle age with some feelings of loss and sadness, I feel as though I'm a flower about to bloom. I feel as if I'm beginning to open up physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I don't know how long this season will last nor what Autumn may bring, but I know that I'm grateful to be surrounded by good friends and family. I am truly blessed to have found a community of supportive people where I can grow spiritually. For each of you I pray that no matter what season you are in, that it is the best and most productive yet. May you have more sun than storms.

Bright Summer Blessings and I'll see you all at Lughnasadh.

Jude Howison

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