Lughnasadh 2011

Botsford Recreational Preserve, 3015 Miller Rd., Ann Arbor

8 pm, July 29- 10 pm, July 30, 2011

A two-day festival and Ár nDraíocht Féin Lughnasadh ritual combined. From opening to closing we will be celebrating and honoring our Gods with workshops, rituals, and other special events.

Just outside the city limits of Ann Arbor, Botsford Recreational Preserve is a small section of old-growth forest with treehouses, walking trails, and the permanent nemeton of Shining Lakes Grove.

How much will it cost to attend? It’s free! We will have a raffle to help cover our site rental costs, and of course donations are welcome.

We need volunteers! If you would like to lead a class, workshop, or ritual, or help organize the festival, please contact us.

(734) 277-1897 * *

Botsford Recreational Preserve Directions


Tentative Schedule of Events

(Last updated July 15th)

Friday evening
8 PM or so - Fire Lighting
9 to 10 PM - Aphrodite Ritual for Women- led by Gen Stoyak.
10 to 11PM - (open)
(overnight camping)

12 to 1 PM - (open)
1 to 2 PM - Divination Workshop - led by Rodney Cox
2 to 3 PM - Children's Craft Workshop
3 to 5 PM - Main Rite of Lughnasadh
5 to 6 PM - (open)
6 to 7 PM - Potluck Dinner and Bardic Circle - led by Rob Henderson
7 to 8 PM - Brewing Workshop - led by Sean Keller
8 to 9 PM - Hellenic Ritual - led by Rob Henderson.
9 to 10 PM - (open)
(overnight camping)

Site clean-up for those still there!

This year, we'll be doing a food drive for HIV/AIDS Resource Center as our public service project for this quarter.

Wish list

Would you like to help feed people living with HIV/AIDS? Here is HARC’s wish list for its Conover Food Pantry:

Food Items
Breakfast Cereal (all varieties)
Breakfast Granola Bars
Beans (all varieties)
Canned Beef Ravioli/Pasta
Canned Meats (tuna,salmon,ham,pork)
Canned Soups (all varieties)
Canned Stew
Canned Vegetables (corn,carrots,etc.)
Canned/Jar Gravy (all varieties)
Cheese Cracker Snacks
Crackers (Saltine,Ritz,etc.)
Cranberry Sauce
Fruit Cups (pears,peaches,oranges,etc.)
Gatorade (all flavors)
Juice in Plastic Bottles (all flavors)
Oatmeal (assorted flavors)
Pasta and Pasta sauce
Peanut Butter
Nutritional Drinks (Boost,Ensure,etc.)
Rice (all kinds)

Household Items

Bar soap
Paper Towels
Laundry Detergent
Dishwasher Detergent
Household Cleaners
Dish Washing Soap
Shaving Cream
Toilet Paper