Ana's Story

(from Mama Moon)

(Originally published in Sluggy's Pages, Spring Equinox 1998

Long ago there was no land, only the Great Mother Water and the Great Father Fire. When they kissed, all life began and the land pushed out of the water to stay dry and green. The land, sea, and sky filled with every kind of plant, tree, animal, fish and bird. It was a happy time.

One day things began to change. It got colder and colder. Great Father Fire seemed farther away and much weaker. Great Mother Water began to freeze and could only move very slowly. Ice and snow covered most of the land. The plants died and the animals fled. It was a very sad time.

Father Fire and Mother Water did not have enough strength to make another whole, green world again, but they stretched and strained and, with their best efforts, they managed one tiny touch. From that one tiny touch of love a daughter was born and they named her Ana. Ana was filled with their love. That love gave her perfect wisdom and understanding. Ana knew she was born to save the land.

First she asked her Father how to save the land and he told her to take a sharp shell and slash the bark of the Great Tree, releasing all its life-healing force. Then she asked her mother to take her to the Great Tree. Although the Great Mother Water feared the Great Tree's power and worried about Ana's safety, she took her under the ground to the Tree's huge taproot.

Ana follow that root up and up until she stood before the Great Tree. She could feel in throb with life and its might frightened her. Still, Ana would not waver. She knew what she must do! Ana raised her arm and with all her might she struck the Great Tree! A torrent of energy gushed from the Tree sweeping Ana along in its path and battering her tender flesh. Ana almost drowned in the deluge before she remembered her love. Quietly she shared her love with this flowing mass. She merges her spirit with it and gentled and directed its path into what is today our Huron River. It was a happy time, again. The plants and trees grew again, and the animals returned.

People came and saw the beauty of this land and settled and felt Ana's love. They, too, loved the land. Later people came who did not understand that the land is alive and they poisoned Ana's land and Ana's river, but now we have come to this land. Ana knows we love her and we love the land. She is now the Mother of our land. As every good mother does, she loves and cares for us.

the end

Rob Henderson, SLG Webmaster

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