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MOTION: Moderator for the SLG-L mailing list

Motion by Rob Henderson that the SLG-L mailing list shall be moderated. Moderators shall be appointed by the Grove Leadership Council and will be responsible for enforcing the following policy. This policy shall apply to all list participants.

Each moderator shall monitor the contributions to the list and respond to policy violations by issuing public warnings to the offender. Said warnings must cite the offending communication and the specific conduct rules in violation.

If three such warnings occur within a three-month period, the participant will be suspended from the SLG-L list for one month. If three suspensions occur within a twelve-month period, the individual shall be suspended for one year.

Unacceptable behavior shall include, but not be limited to: insults, threats, name-calling, harsh sarcasm, personal accusations, or defamation of character. Additionally, excessive disruptive behavior as judged by the forum moderators, may warrant immediate suspension from the SLG-L list.

All moderator decisions may be appealed to the Grove Leadership Council.

This motion was passed by the Grove Leadership Council on 5-11-00.

Melissa Kamp (lisakamp@BUCKEYE-EXPRESS.COM) was appoint list moderator on 6-8-00.