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Shining Lakes Grove, ADF

SLG Business Meeting

October 11, 2005

Called to Order: 8:10 pm (ha ha, it was Gen’s fault this time, not mine)

Attending: Rob Henderson, Rod Cox, Gen Stoyak, Jude Howison

Officer Reports

Senior Druid - Rob Henderson
Attendance at Fall Equinox Ritual was low, only 10 people. On the national level at ADF, there is a Brewer’s Guild forming.

Asst. Senior Druid – Rod Cox
Fall Equinox was a nice ritual, no one died.

Administrator - Jude Howison
We need to brainstorm fund raising ideas. (see Other Agenda Items)

Scribe - Jude Howison
I sent in a whole lot of minutes for Rob to post.

Pursewarden - Rod Cox
We had a slight increase in funds this month.

Chronicler - Gen Stoyak
I have been derelict this month since I was on vacation. The newsletter is still not out.

Public Relations - Chuck Howison
Samhain has been announced on several venues.

Youth Activities Coordinator - (none)

Web Master - Rob Henderson
Added some stuff.

Guild Leader Reports

Magicians - Rod Cox - Good Guild day. Two in attendance.

Healers - Rod Cox

Warriors - Rod Cox

Producers - Gen Stoyak (Pro-tem) -- No report.

Other Agenda Items

1. Election progress. - Craig
We have met quorum. Craig may be our new youth co-ordinator.

2. Winter ritual location. Are we set up for Yule?
Rob will look into some alternate sites.

3. Fund raising. (or We gotta get more money!)
Some ideas to think about

Put note in newsletter about donating.
Sell things at Con Vocation
Sell flowers door to door at Con Vocation
New note pads for regalia

Jude Howison, Scribe